Spring Pruning Guide

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Spring tree and shrub
pruning guide

With warmer weather right around the corner, a lot of us are turning our attention to our outdoor spaces. From prepping our garden beds, to yard cleanup and even performing maintenance on our patios and decks – there is one area that many homeowners and property managers seem to forget.

Your trees and shrubs.

Proper care of your trees and shrubs can maximize the health, longevity and beneficial uses for your home or property. Without proper pruning or maintenance, you run the risk of fewer blooms, dead plants, hazardous areas forming with a greater risk of limbs or branches falling or even insect infestations!

When should i prune my trees and shrubs?

We all want beautiful-looking trees and shrubs to flourish this spring and summer, however, there is a correct time and place to prune and care for your trees. Follow our spring pruning guide for tips and tricks to maximize your blooms, encourage proper growth and save money overall!

Pruning flowering trees or shrubs

Pruning Japanese Tree Lilac and other spring blooming trees and shrubs.

When DO I Prune My spring-blooming trees or shrubs?

When looking at your spring-flowering trees or shrubs, such as the Japanese Tree Lilac or Crabapple trees, you do not want to prune before they flower! These flowering or ornamental shrubs require older growth to bloom and since many of them bloom in spring, any pruning done now will reduce the number of blooms to occur.

When to prune:

The best time to perform maintenance or prune your spring-flowering trees and shrubs would be right after the spring blooms fade. The blooms will usually fade in late spring or early summer, so keep an eye on them this year and schedule a free estimate with our I.S.A. Consulting Arborist as soon as the blooms fade to ensure a beautiful year next year!

When DO I Prune My summer-blooming trees or shrubs?

To enjoy the fragrance and beauty of your summer-flowering trees or shrubs, such as hydrangeas, dogwood, roses or Japanese spirea, knowing when to perform maintenance is key! As many summer-blooming shrubs often bloom on “new” wood that has grown over the last year, you will want to schedule your prune a few months before any blooming will occur.


To ensure your outdoor spaces are filled with beautiful blooms during the warmer months, we recommend pruning your summer-blooming shrubs and trees in late winter or very early spring. Many of these summer-focused trees and shrubs do very well when pruned during their ‘dormant’ phase in late winter.

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