ADA Compliance

Safe and Accessible
Parking Lots and Entrances

If your business is open to the public than all entryways, parking lots, sidewalks, ramps and curbs on your property are required by Federal and state laws to be ADA Compliant. Sorenson’s team of qualified concrete contractors specialize in both Federal and Minnesota ADA Compliant laws, ensuring your property has a long-lasting and low risk ADA Compliant surfaces.

Unsure if your property is ADA Compliant? Our team specializes in ADA Compliance and can provide a complimentary property assessment for your business.

ADA Compliance Surfaces

Reduce your businesses risk of lawsuits by ensuring the following surfaces are ADA Compliant with our certified team of experts:

ADA Compliance, or the American with Disabilities Act, states that all facilities, environments, businesses and certain other resources are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Even if your property was ADA Compliant, as of March 15, 2012, ADA compliance with the 2010 Standards will be required for all new construction and properties undergoing alterations. 

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