Parking Lot and Sidewalks

Licensed and Insured
Parking Lot Contractor
of the Twin Cities


Building and maintaining your businesses parking lot and surrounding concrete surfaces have never been easier than with Sorenson’s team of certified concrete and parking lot construction contractors. At Sorenson Companies, we approach all concrete installation from the ground up, ensuring a structurally-sound and reliable foundation, proper runoff and water drainage, as well as addressing ADA Compliance and safety concerns for your customers and employees. If you are looking for long-lasting parking lot solution for your property, Sorenson Companies serves businesses all across the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete is a great option for businesses looking for a low-maintenance and durable surface for their operations and customers. We specialize in installing various parking lot infrastructure to ensure a structurally-sound and cost-effective solution with minimal disruption to your businesses operations.

Concrete Sidewalks

At Sorenson, our team of trained and certified concrete contractors analyze, grade and install ADA-Compliant sidewalks with minimal disruptions to your company’s operations. Our reinforced concrete sidewalk option reduces any risk of frost-heaving, trip hazards or separation.

Concrete curb installation for your parking lot with Sorenson Companies concrete division.

Property Maintenance


Keep your parking lot and surrounding areas free of future risks by ensuring your concrete curbs, bollards, storm sewers, gutters or catch basins are functional. By controlling the flow of water and controlling traffic, you can reduce the risk of erosion, cracks, frost-heaving, lifts and separation from occurring.


ADA Compliance

Ensure your property and parking lot are accessible and safe to all potential customers, by choosing an ADA Compliant Parking Lot Contractor like Sorenson Companies! Our in-house team works with both the Minnesota and Federal guidelines ensuring your property is up-to-code.

“Sorenson Companies was set above their competition through excellent communication and follow up, provided a timely and competitive quote, and stayed in communication as the job was approaching… As a buyer, I had a great experience working with Sorenson Companies and would happy to work with Adam, Scott, and their team again!!!”
– Tommy K.