Slabs, Pads and Loading Docks

Sorenson Companies pouring an industrial company's loading dock.

Interior and Exterior Concrete

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Strengthened concrete flatwork to exceed businesses operations is Sorenson Companies specialty. From custom concrete slabs, pads and loading docks – our team’s expertise addresses your businesses goals to install concrete flatwork solutions with minimal disruptions to your property’s operations. No matter if you’re looking for interior or exterior concrete work, we’ve installed flatwork for a variety of industries and business needs, including:

  • Industrial Machine Pads
  • Shipping and Loading Docks
  • Equipment Yards
  • Industrial Floors
  • Warehouse Floors
  • And More!

Concrete slabs, pads and loading docks installed by Sorenson Companies specialized team of experts.

Concrete Slabs and Pads

Built tough for a variety of business needs, we install according to your exact measurements and requirements, with minimal disruption to your businesses operations. This service is ideal for properties that see frequent movement from vehicles, equipment or support various tanks or machinery.

Sorenson Companies foreman demolishing a commercial business's loading dock.

Loading Docks

With the constant movement of goods and equipment, loading docks are known to suffer and degrade. However, at Sorenson Companies, our team of certified concrete experts installs your businesses concrete loading dock according to our signature service specifications to ensure your loading dock can withstand the constant loading and unloading of goods and equipment.

Sorenson Companies finishing a concrete warehouse floor for Minneapolis business.

Concrete warehouse floors

From the excavation, foundation and installation of a strengthened concrete warehouse floor for your business – Sorenson Companies has you covered from start to finish! Our team of licensed concrete contractors specialize in addressing your businesses needs and installing a warehouse floor that is reliable and meets your company’s needs, with minimal disruptions to your operations.

Any size concrete installation for interior or exterior properties
by Sorenson’s experienced team of concrete craftsman.