Residential Concrete

Decorative concrete patio with stone stamp and color enhancements.


Invest in your home for years to come or instantly increase your property’s curb appeal with Sorenson Companies concrete contractors!

Whether you’re looking for a new concrete driveway, a decorative concrete patio or to reduce sidewalk cracks and lifting – Sorenson Companies is your trusted residential concrete experts! Our team takes the utmost pride in their work, so you know your home’s concrete surfaces will be in good hands!

Residential concrete services

Concrete driveway installation by Sorenson Companies crew.

Concrete Driveways

Your home is an investment, so why not make the outside of your home last just as long? A concrete driveway is a long-lasting option, when compared to asphalt, that is perfect for those homeowners looking to invest in their property. If you also have campers, RV’s, boats or other heavier vehicles – concrete driveways are the most cost effective option!

Concrete pool deck with decorative concrete.

Outdoor Spaces

Minnesotans love the great outdoors, so why not make your home’s outdoor spaces a true paradise? Enjoy a beautiful concrete pool deck with traction-slip protection, or a decorative concrete patio for summer nights or a custom designed fire pit area for your friends and family to gather. The options for your home’s concrete outdoor spaces are endless!

Freshly finished concrete steps and sidewalk for a residential home.

Sidewalks and Steps

Used by yourself, your friends, neighbors and family, your home’s sidewalks see a lot of traffic. Protect your concrete sidewalk and steps from separation or frost-heaving with our reinforced concrete options.

Concrete pole barn slab.

Garage Floors or Concrete Slabs

From garage floors, pole barns or concrete slabs for camper or boat storage, concrete is a durable option for your home or property. Ask about our reinforced options for maximized longevity and durability!

Concrete steps and stoop for a St. Paul home.

Concrete Entryways and Stoops

Reduce the wear and tear at your home’s entryway by installing a concrete stoop or decorative entryway! Concrete is a great alternative to cinderblocks or wooden decks as concrete entryways and stoops provide a durable and customizable option for your home.