Concrete Driveway

Sorenson Companies team of experts install a concrete driveway to a local Twin Cities home.

Your Dedicated
Driveway Specialists

A concrete driveway is a great alternative due to their long-lasting, low-maintenance and durable nature, when compared to asphalt. Our team of dedicated concrete experts specialize in the complete removal of gravel, asphalt or damaged concrete driveways from your home before addressing the grading of your new concrete driveway surface to ensure proper drainage, stability and strength.

Whether you are looking for a structurally sound driveway that can hold up against your recreational equipment, adding instant value to your property or just looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, the installation of a concrete driveway for your home is a great investment!

Traditional gray concrete driveway for a Roseville home.

Traditional Concrete Driveway

The traditional gray concrete is a popular choice for those homeowners seeking a reliable surface that can stand Minnesota’s weather and an active lifestyle. Concrete driveways are a worthwhile investment into your home and property’s value. With concretes low maintenance upkeep, and with proper reinforcements, can withstand campers, RV’s or anything else you may park on it!

Decorative concrete driveway that mimics garden cobble stones.

Decorative Driveway

For homeowners who prefer a long-lasting and visual marvel, decorative concrete driveways are a great alternative. With hundred’s of customization options available, such as colors, patterns and textures, your home’s driveway can enhance your curb appeal or even add dimension to your property.

Installing a concrete pole barn and concrete slab floor.

Outdoor Parking Pads or Concrete Slabs

Not in need of a new driveway, but still need somewhere to park or store your recreational equipment? Sorenson Companies also installs various sizes of concrete parking slabs, garage floors, pole barn floors or concrete pads. Completely customizable for whatever your needs are, inquire today!

Have Questions About Your Driveway?

We know there are a lot of what if’s associated with concrete driveways or parking slabs, which is why our team of certified concrete contractors have created our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that answers some common (and not so common) questions associated with our work.