Integral Color

Integral coloring blended into concrete is a popular choice, and has been present for a long time.This color mixing process will give concrete a long lasting color effect that doesn't fade over time. This method is often used to create backdrops, or give a multi-tonal aspect. Integral colors can be added to the options of color hardeners, acid or water stains, and antiquing. The possibilities are endless, and our finishers would love to consult with you on which combination best suits your architectural surroundings.

Stamp Pattern

Many unique stamps and colors can be added to your concrete to give it a one of a kind look. These unique options help blend concrete into surrounding structures and architectural elements. There are many different stamps available that can depict stone, wood, brick, or other special materials. Combining a stamp pattern, with additional coloring will provide even more character to your new concrete structures. By perfectly choosing the right stamp and color combination, you can give life to your project and a uniqueness others wont be able to duplicate.


Staining is another option we provide to achieve unique coloring. There are multiple types of stain to chose from: acid based, and also water based. Solvent staining is available upon special request. Acid based formulas are durable, and are highly fading resistant. Water based stains give a wide variety of color, and when applied creates a bonding to the surface, and fills pores. A water based stain can be added to give your concrete a vibrant appearance. If you are looking for a more organic look, we suggest using an acid stain to create a high and low effect. Staining applications create their own uniqueness, and our team can mix the perfect combination to make your concrete look amazing.

Stamp Border & Ribbons

Stamp Border & Ribbons

Placing a ribbon in your concrete frame can give it a beautiful, delicate, easy flowing design that increases the appearance the exterior of your home. Whether your project is a driveway, or flooring in your home, adding a border or ribbon can give a sophisticated and modern look.


Antiquing is a process that is applied to concrete to give it a great secondary feature of color that can add a high and low color to a finished product. Antiquing enhances and brings realism to your chosen integral color/colors. You often want the The base/integral colors to be lighter the antiquing choice. For example, when selecting a wood plank stamp to resemble wood we suggest choosing harvest wheat as your integral color, and walnut or colina tan as your antiquing color selection. The picture on the left represents the example of a wood plank stamp featuring integral coloring, with antiquing.