Immediate Tree Health Boost

Plant Health Care treatments to prevent and maintain you trees

Immediate Tree Health Boost
with Deep Root Fertilization

Your property’s immediate tree care needs are met and exceeded with Sorenson Companies certified tree service specialists. By using our professional grade equipment, our team can inject a blend of nutrients and organic matter directly where your tree needs it most. This service is perfect for trees that are starting to show signs of decline or could use a restoration.

How to know if this service is for you?

If your trees experience any of the following, it is time to schedule a Deep Root Fertilization injection today!

  • Reduce Foliage or Loss of Leaves
  • Yellowing or Light Green Leaf Coloring
  • Thinning or Dying Tips of the Branches

Deep Root Fertilization sends a boost of nutrients directly to where your tree needs it most and is an important part of plant health care.