Tree Pruning

Give Your Trees
Life & Structure

Your tree’s health is important and with our team of expert arborists and tree care specialists you can prevent future catastrophes from occurring, such as damage to your structures, powerline or utility interference or infestations, by scheduling a pruning service!

Keeping up with a regular prune is essential for maintaining your trees growth and natural appearance. Our certified arborists evaluate the species of tree, inspects any potential areas of concerns and provide custom solutions for you and your property.


  • Removal of deadwood or dying branches
  • More sunlight
  • Decreased risk of diseases or bug infestations
  • Healthy and structurally sound tree
  • More visually appealing
  • Promotes positive growth

Maintenance Pruning


Ornamental Pruning

Powerline or Utility Line Clearance

Our trained team follows all standards per OSHA and other federally regulated guidelines to effectively remove tree branches from service lines to your home. Our team prioritizes the safety of your property, trees and our team above all else. If line clearance is needed from wires that run pole-to-pole, Sorenson will help work with utility providers, such as Xcel Energy, to find a solution.