Maintenance Pruning

Preventative Maintenance Pruning for Healthy Trees


Your tree’s health is important! By keeping up with regular maintenance pruning for your trees, you can maintain your trees growth and natural appearance, while also reducing your risk of damage, infestations and diseases.

Crown Cleaning or Deadwood Removal

Crown Cleaning or Deadwood Removal is a common practice by arborists when looking to selectively remove dead or decaying branches from trees. Sorenson’s team of tree experts are trained to identify problem areas of your trees and effectively remove any problem areas

Tree Top Thinning

There are many problems that can occur when a tree’s top is too overcrowded or “bushy” with leaves, branches and stems. Crown Thinning is the selective removal of branches to thin out the top of the tree. This type of pruning service addresses a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Any Crossed or Rubbing Branches | This can lead to open wounds, that invite diseases and infestations, or the fusing of branches. If noticed, call Sorenson’s immediately to prune away any crossed, rubbing or undesirable branches before it’s to late.
  • Overall Shape of the Tree | By locating troublesome branches and removing them we can control the shape of your tree.
  • Letting In Light | The removal or thinning of branches also allows more light and nutrients to pass through the tree, thus encouraging a structurally-sound growing pattern
  • Protection Against Strong Wind | When too many branches are gathered, the wind is unable to blow through them effectively. This increases the risk that strong winds could topple your tree

There are plenty of other benefits to preventative pruning or maintenance pruning for your home and property. Schedule a time to meet with our I.S.A Consulting Arborist and learn what pruning service is right for you!