Winter Pruning

Dormant Tree Pruning and Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, pruning of your trees in winter can be more beneficial than pruning in warmer summer months. Pruning in winter decreases the risk of disease and insect infestations, such as Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm disease. All while increasing the rate at which your trees can heal and repair itself.

Another benefit to winter pruning, is your property, landscape and outdoor activities will not be as impacted during the winter months, when compared to summer pruning.

Winter Pruning

It may be cold, but we still are here to help!

Why winter is best for pruning:

  • Trees such as Oaks, and Elms can only be pruned in fall or winter months due to diseases of Dutch Elm, and Oak Wilt.
  • Easier to see structure with out leaves being present.
  • Insects are not as active in the winter and most insects are attracted to fresh cuts. Pruning trees in the winter decreases vulnerability to infestation.
  • Pruning or removing trees during winter has less impact on your surrounding landscape and lawn.

Winter Tree Removals

We also offer our full services of tree removal in winter time as well. Despite the cold weather, our crews stay war and busy and are here to help remove your trees even in the worst of conditions whether its an emergency, or you’re interested in a project, we are here to help.