Stump Removal and Grinding

Do Not Overlook the Dangers of Your Tree Stumps

After the removal of your tree, you should also inquire about the removal and grinding of the tree’s remaining stump and roots. This service should never be overlooked!

The Advantages to Stump removal Include:

  • Eliminating risks associated with mowing or landscaping
  • Reduce possibility of new growth stemming from stump to surrounding areas
  • Increased nutrients to surrounding trees and plants versus feeding the stump
  • Reduce risk of infestations of spiders, ants, beetles or termites
  • Decreased chance of fungi growth and spreading

stump removal & Grinding

Sorenson Tree Service offers stump grinding and removal whether we removed your tree or not. This service offering is considered a separate service and many members of our team are skilled and trained to professionally perform stump removals. If a stump isn’t accessible, we do have herbicide options available.

Stump removal and grinding in Minneapolis.