Tree and Stump Removal

Tree and Stump Removal

Any Size Tree – In Any Location
Safe and Efficient Tree and Stump Removal for Homes and Businesses

Sorenson Tree Service specializes in tree and stump removals regardless of size or location. Tree removals can be a hazardous pursuit, however our certified and trained experts have the experience and equipment to safely remove any tree or any stump from any location.

ISA Certified Arborists are Fully Bonded and Insured
Traditional tree removal with Sorenson Companies certified team of tree climbers and ISA Arborists.
Traditional Tree Removal

The most common way to remove dead, dying or unwanted trees from your property. The tree must be structurally sound enough for our team to climb.

Crane removal of a large tree that was located in an inaccessible area.
Crane Tree Removal

For those trees in hard to reach or inaccessible areas, or for trees to hazardous to climb, Sorenson Companies utilizes cranes for the removal of your tree.

Stump removal through grinding.
Stump Removal and Grinding

Do not forget to ask about our Stump Removal or Grinding service upon the removal of your tree. Even if we didn’t remove your tree, removing the stump reduces future risks for you and your property.

When your tree's branches begin to split or crack away from the trunk, but you don't want to remove the tree - consider a cabling or bracing service by Sorenson Companies!
Tree Splitting or Cracking

If your tree is damaged or at risk of losing it’s limbs or branches, but you don’t want to remove them, Sorenson Companies offers a cabling or bracing option. This is a great option that helps encourage proper strength and a supportive growth structure, while minimizing stress on the tree.

The process of removing a tree, stump or addressing a splitting tree can be very complex undertaking. Allow us to give your trees a FREE inspection to determine what services are required to keep your property and trees healthy and beautiful.