Emerald Ash Boror

A Destructive and Costly Insect Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) A beetle from Asia, EAB is an invasive insect that destroys and corrupts ash trees if unattended and left untreated. The larvae feed and eat the inner bark of the tree and interrupt its ability to transport water and nutrients, which lead to lack of growth … Continue reading Emerald Ash Boror

Tree Removal by Crane – Box Elder

On a cloudy day in April, our team utilized careful precision during a tree removal by crane of a large Box Elder tree from a backyard in Maplewood, Minnesota. With the assistance of one of our certified climbers and a crane, we quickly and safely removed the tree and it's expansive branches. https://youtu.be/zw-Q8Y-fAzE Tree Removal … Continue reading Tree Removal by Crane – Box Elder